The Association of Social Service Employers

The Association of Social Service Employers represents over 1 300 employers in the private wellbeing sector in Finland. The association is member of the Confederation of Finnish Industries, EK.

Services produced by private providers are for instance eldercare, home care, day care for children, disability services, abuse services and different kinds of medical care.

The association co-operates with the authorities and takes part in developing systems for social and healthcare in Finland, as well as developing legislation and supervision.

In Finland the municipalities are responsible for arranging social and healthcare services. In addition to the services produced by the municipalities, private service providers produce about one fourth of the social and healthcare services in Finland.

Today the most challenging questions in the social and healthcare sector are how to finance the services, manpower supply and the increased demand for services to elderly in Finland.

Skilled manpower is the most important resource for the social and healthcare sector all over the world.

In Finland we have a high quality education within the social and healthcare sector and it produces among the best professionals in the world. The educational know-how in Finland could be used and applied also outside Finland, e.g. in developing the structures of social and healthcare and in planning production of services.

Viimeksi päivitetty: 9.5.2014
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